Running on NVIDIA ORIN

Very cool, the first runs of our library models on NVIDIA ORIN form start to end using our managed deployment platform: One of the core values of our edge AI middleware — which allows for effortless managed deployment of any AI model to any of our supported devices — is to abstract away from the […]

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Node-RED Support for Effortless Automation

Our Scailable middleware, the Scailable AI manager, makes AI/ML model deployment effortless. Our value is to abstract away from specific hardware targets (i.e., if you are using Scailable to deploy to any supported device, as a developer you don’t have to worry about the target or the accelerators therein) and allow virtually any modeling platform […]

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Complete Your Edge AI Cycle with Scailable and Network Optix VMS Integration

At Scailable, we believe that effortless edge deployment is crucial for unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence in the real world. That’s why we offer a go-to middleware solution that enables you to seamlessly run models on any supported edge device, with ease and without any hiccups. But we understand that simply running an […]

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Extending device support for Advantech UNO and SKY

With Scailable we are actively building the go-to model pipeline layer for any edge AI device out there. With the Scailable AI manager installed on a given edge device you can effortlessly deploy and manage models from virtually any training platform. We ensure the pipeline is as fast as it can be, remotely (OtA) configurable, […]

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Scailable joins NVIDIA Metropolis to accelerate edge AI deployment

Eindhoven — 11-04-2023 — Scailable, a Dutch deep-tech startup providing a platform for effortless edge AI deployment and maintenance, today announced it has joined NVIDIA Metropolis, a partner program focused on bringing to market a new generation of vision AI applications. NVIDIA Metropolis nurtures a rich ecosystem and offers powerful developer tools to supercharge vision […]

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Adding YOLO v5 to our Edge Impulse Support

We are excited to announce a further integration with Edge Impulse: we are adding support for the Edge Impulse YOLO v5 architecture. Why Scailable + Edge Impulse? We have been collaborating for some time with the amazing team at Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse makes advanced AI / ML model training effortless. And, due to their […]

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Scailable AI Manager on The Advantech ICAM-500

To ensure that our AI manager provides the fastest and safest modular AI pipeline on any supported device, we don’t take supporting devices lightly; we want to ensure full support of the whole platform, and we need to be convinced that the selected hardware tailors to edge AI use-cases. So, today we are happy to […]

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Scailable AI Manager on AI-BLOX

To ensure that our AI manger provides the fastest and safest modular AI pipeline on any supported device, we don’t take supporting devices lightly; we want to ensure full support of the whole platform, and we need to be convinced that the selected hardware tailors to edge AI use-cases. So, today we are happy to […]

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Scailable X Edge Impulse: Effortless model training and deployment

We are very excited to announce our integration with Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse provides an amazing platform for capturing and annotating training data and for training highly accurate AI models using advanced transfer learning tools. Edge Impulse makes model creation a breeze. By connecting your Edge Impulse account to your Scailable platform account we can […]

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The full AI lifecycle @ Embedded World

When to use iterative development? You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will propel industrial vision applications into the future. AI enables hitherto unseen accuracy in product inspection, allowing for accurate detection of a variety of production deficits. AI allows for accurately recognizing and […]

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The Costs of a False Alarm

Reducing false alarms pays off. The mobile surveillance market is quickly growing and rightfully so. Being able to simply place a self-contained camera mast at a site to monitor intruders is an obvious way to improve security at reasonable costs. Furthermore, we see the mobile surveillance applications quickly expanding. Over the last year we have […]

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Nothing beats good documentation

As we have more and more users directly using our platform and the AI manager to create and manages edge AI solutions, it has become increasingly important to provide up-to-date, easy-to-read, and complete documentation. There is so much you can do using the Scailable platform, and immense engineering effort that is saved by using the […]

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Apples and Oranges II: The Forgotten Metric

In an earlier post we described the performance of the Scailable AI manager in terms of computational speed. While this is an interesting metric, in many ways a solution only has to be “sufficiently fast”; once this is the case other metrics become much more important. Power consumption might be one (and is one we […]

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Apples and Oranges: Profiling Edge AI solutions

In this post we examine in some detail a question that we get repeatedly: “How does deployment of Edge AI models using the Scailable AI manager, on Scailable selected hardware, compare to other deployment methods in terms of performance?”. Although the question seems easy, the answer needs a bit more explanation which we try to provide […]

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What’s new on the Scailable website?

We are pretty excited about the launch of our new website! Although over the past year Scailable has been growing rapidly (we expanded the team by over 400%, and we expanded the number of device installations by over a 1000%) our website was lagging behind our product, use-cases, and partners. So, it was about time […]

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