Funding press release: “Scailable enables the large-scale application of AI”


Scailable compresses high-level AI models into a secure low-level format that runs on a small piece of software on the edge devices that collect the data. This requires a minimal amount of memory and can run on a wide variety of chipsets. And that has many advantages. The response time of the AI ​​models is not only much faster. The software can also be easily distributed, is compatible with all common tools used by data scientists, requires minimal server capacity and can even run on existing and outdated edge devices. The solution that Scailable offers also works with a bad internet connection.

“The possibilities of AI are endless,” says founder and CEO Maurits Kaptein, who is also a professor at JADS and Tilburg University. “Think of improving safety in factories because cameras detect that someone is too close to a machine. Or to improve the production process where a robot intervenes immediately if products do not meet the quality standard. Much AI technology still uses the cloud environment. There the calculations are made which are then sent back to the device. The large amount of data traffic is expensive and causes privacy issues. In addition, it also works too slowly for more and more applications. As a result, about 80 percent of AI applications remain unused on the shelf. Our software ensures that all those great applications can be implemented much more easily.”

“Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the development of new technologies and is decisive in the innovation of our manufacturing industry, healthcare and our energy and food supply,” says Robin Hendrickx, investment manager softtech at BOM. Scailable’s software can speed up that development considerably. We have been following the company with great interest since its participation in the Investor Readiness Program. We are pleased that we can now also play a role in the further development of the company with a financial contribution.”

“At Volta, we like to partner with strong founding teams at an early stage. We’re happy to join Maurits, Robin and Benedicte on their journey to develop a critical building block in the AI ecosystem. Edge AI is a rapidly developing field as companies in different industries are looking for new ways to easily and securely deploy AI and machine learning models on edge devices. We’re excited to support Scailable in the years to come,” adds Sander Vonk, Managing Partner at Volta Ventures.

Maurits KapteinFunding press release: “Scailable enables the large-scale application of AI”