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Enabling Efficient and Modular EdgeAI.

Scailable is a young, Netherlands based, EdgeAI company. We have developed a unique method for effortless and super efficient, modular, deployment of AI models across a variety of devices.

We are currently looking for:

As we are growing quickly, we are often looking for people. Please feel free to reach out anytime to see if we are a good match for you! You can contact us at

Marketing guru

Scailable is growing quickly, and we are looking for people to support us in our day-to-day interactions with our clients. We want our clients to be happy, and get as much value from our unique technology as possible. Expand our sales and enter new verticals, we are looking for someone to help with our online marketing.

As a marketeer at a fast growing startup you will help redefine the brand, create promotion materials, and work closely together with our sales and strategy. Jointly, you will enable the commercial succes of Scailable.

Interested? Please contac us at

Tech Link

Scailable is growing quickly, and we are looking for people to support us in our day-to-day interactions with our clients. We want our clients to be happy, and get as much value from our unique technology as possible. To strengthen our client interactions and extend our operations we are looking for a tech link.

As a tech link you have a strong technical background (an MSc. in mathematics, econometrics, computer science, statistics, or the like), but also a strong drive to communicate with clients and understand and solve their problems. You are interested in AI and ML, and have — preferably hands on — experience creating and deploying machine learning models. Additionally, you have some experience working in c or rust; you will help our clients bridge the gap between creating new models, and deploying them highly efficiently on the edge. Note that we are open to talk to you regardless of your current experience level.

You will be responsible for interacting with clients after the initial sale of our platform. You will provide ONNX workshops, detail our platform, and explain to clients how they can intergrate the Scailable runtime(s) into their (embedded) software projects. Whatever you learn from our clients will feed into our roadmap; as such you are an active member of our core-tech team. However, you will also closely interact with our sales to ensure that our clients are happy at all times.

Interested? Please contac us at

Core-tech team member

Scailable is growing quickly, and we are looking for people to help us grow our technology. We want to make the best Edge AI platform availalble. As a member of our core-tech team you will be responsible for advancing our roadamp and extending our unique AI compression and managment stack.

We are looking for talented engineers with 2-5 years of experience. Your background is in software engineering, machine learning, mathematics, or physics. However, if you are self-thaught and think you are up for it, feel free to reach out. Our tech stack is modern but diverse, ranging from c99, to go, to python; we expect you to work in each of these languages. We value good engineering and efficient solutions. We provide the most efficient Edge AI out there; we would like to keep it that way and thus any software we put out needs to adhere to high standards.

You will work in a small but highly experienced team. Jointly, the team has decades of experience in Machinea Learning, AI, and Embedded systems engineering. Most of us have published academic papers, and we value an academic interest in computers science, statistics, and machine learning. We assume you know good software practice, know your algorithms, and know (at least the basics) of modern AI.

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We try to work closely witch academia, and we often offer internships. Do you have a nice idea for an internship, feel free to reach out anytime. Currently we have two open projects:

  1. The ONNX library. We currently have quite a large number of Scailable certified AI models, we want to make these easily accessible for our clients, and enable easy search, editing, and local testing of model performance. Do you want to contribute to our library?
  2. The operator directory. At Scailable we, and our clients, heavily use ONNX. Clients often use the Scailable ONNX package to create their own pipelines. However, the current operators are, in our view, poorly structured and documented for users who wish to create their own model pipelines. Would you be interested in advancing the current operator set and providing more clarity?

Interested in joining Scailable for your internship, and perhaps the start of your career? Please contac us at

About Scailable

Scailable is a young EdgeAI company. We have developped a unique compression method to make AI/ML pipelines extremely efficient and fully portable. This technology enables us to help our clients create new Edge AI solutions and innovate faster. Our clients include consultancy firms, system operators, and machine manufacturers. We also partner with hardware suppliers to make our solutions easily accessible.

We started in 2019 from a technological vision, and we are now rapidly growing. We are well-funded, and ready for our next steps. We value equal opportunity and we value responsible AI. We do not have an office; we work remotely but meet up regularly. We are looking for smart people with a drive to make a mark in the Edge AI landscape; you will learn about our technology as you go along. Note that at Scailable we try to flexibly match our team to our tasks; if you enter our company in a specific role this role will be always flexible and we will jointly always seek for the best fit for you.

Interested? Please contac us at

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