Scailable AI Manager RouterAPP download page.

The Scailable AI manager is available on selected Advantech gateways as a RouterAPP making it easy to install, configure, and use the AI manager on Advantech devices.

By installing the Scailable AI manager on your Advantech gateway you can turn your gateway into an EdgeAI device: connect a number of IP cameras to the gateway and start using advanced AI vision models on your gateway today!


What can I do with the Scailable AI manager?

The Scailable AI manager allows you to run state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Vision models directly on your gateway. Configure the input cameras, select your desired model from the Scailable model library (or create your own custom model), and get started.

Using edge AI on your gateway you can:

  • count and locate the number of people entering your office building,
  • create heat-maps of the most visited places in your store,
  • run Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) to know who is unloading at your loading docks,
  • reduce the false alarm rate of your security camera,
  • and much more…

Use the Scailable AI Manager to select your required AI model based on its functionality, configure the cameras, and connect to your application platform, or the Scailable cloud, to start collecting valuable data.

Note that all library models provided by Scailable are fully GDPR compliant.


On which devices can I use the Scailable AI manager?

The Scailable AI manager is available on Advantech V3 and V4 gateways. Click the download button below your device to get started.

Scailable AI manager pricing.

When installing the Scailable AI manager on your device you will be asked to register with Scailable. After registration you will receive a free, two month, evaluation license (non-commercial use). If you intend to use the AI manager commercially, our monthly pricing depends on the selected model(s), the number of cameras, the application platform integration, and the number of gateways you are using. After you have installed the evaluation manager for evaluation purposes, we will contact you such that we can provide a quote (or if you can’t wait, contact us).


Get help.

We are extremely happy to help setting up and configuring the AI manager at scale, choosing the right models, and maintaining your solution over time. Our partner MCS has ample experience using the AI manager at scale to create and manage your solution.

The Scailable AI manager routerapp instruction videos.

First time installation of the AI manager on an Advantech gateway.

Configuring the model output and start collecting data.

Configuring the input and model for your AI manager.

Deploying a custom model through your account.

Additional documentation and examples can be found on our GitHub. Feel free to reach out any time for support.

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