Event booth analytics.

by Scailable. Enabling AI on the edge.

The power of visitor analytics. Offline.

Set yourself up for success by understanding your event booth visitors, demographics, and their behavior.

Our event booth analytics solution enables you to track the number of people passing by your event booth, the hotspots within your booth, your visitor demographics, and much more. We do so securely, and fully GDPR compliant. We use edge AI to analyse your visitors without ever sending an image to the cloud.

Our unique solution is affordable and modular: identify regions of interest, monitor visitor distance, or even implement mouth-mask detection on site. You can access the aggregated data and compare the performance of your booth with others to improve the content of your booth and optimize your event choice. However, while on-site, the solution can run fully offline.

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Understand your visitors and continuously improve your performance.

Excellence drives conversion. But, excellence is not born out of thin air: the best event booths are at the right event, at the right location, with the right content, and staffed with the exact right number of effective sales-people to make your return on investment in your trade-show booth as high as possible.

With the Scailable Event Booth Analytics solution you can now keep track of everything that happens in and around your event booth. Track how many people are passing your booth, which displays are most effective, the demographics of your booth, and the which hours are key to your conversion. Event booth analytics enables you to pick the right venues (increasing visibility with the right audiences), improve your booth layout iteratively to increase ROI, and plan the staffing of your booth optimally both saving costs and ensuring that your prospects never have to wait.

Our Event Analytics solution is enabled by “edge AI”: using simple IP camera’s, combined with advanced AI models running directly on a high quality industrial grate router Advantech router, we can count, profile, and track your visitors in a GDPR compliant way: the images of your visitors are never send to the cloud (they are not even stored). The Event Analytics solution can run fully offline, so you don’t need expensive, on-site internet connections. And, the solution is fully modular: we keep adding new features and insights to enable your excellence.

Scailable® enables Edge AI solutions that users love. We create end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud. Why? Because using AI outside of the cloud ensures privacy, reduces costs, increases speed, and reduces energy. Edge AI is simply the better use of AI for many applications. It is those applications that we build and ship together with our solution partners. We do the difficult stuff, such that you can benefit from advanced AI today.

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