Worker Safety & Security

by Scailable. Enabling AI on the edge.

Use advanced AI models for GDPR compliant safety monitoring.

Easy to setup, and easy to integrate.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in recent years: we are now able to used advanced AI models to monitor the safety of your workforce using “Edge AI”: the AI model that helps you maintain your safety runs locally, on an industrial gateway, without any internet connection or hidden costs. We can monitor:

  • The number of workers on the factory floor / in the room. You will always know how many people are present.
  • The location of workers; we can automatically raise an alarm if workers are in dangerous zones.
  • The location of obstructions; we can automatically raise an alarm if (e.g.,) a crate is blocking the walking area.
  • The safety gear workers are wearing: we can notify immediately when a worker is not wearing the appropriate safety gear.

All of the above, and more, can be done using a set of industrial IP camera’s, and an Advantech Gateway with the Scailable AI manager installed for modular and fully secure Edge AI processing. We can help you install and integrate our solution with your existing monitoring systems.

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The Scailable Industrial Safety solution enables quick, easy, and privacy preserving safety monitoring inside your factory, office, or warehouse. Simple IP camera’s, combined with powerful AI models running on an industrial grate gateway make it easy to count, track, and monitor your workforce without any additional hidden cloud or data processing costs. We provide multiple AI vision models tailored for your situation, and we make sure the output gets passed directly into your IT / monitoring systems.

To create this safety solution we use “Edge AI”; Edge AI is the use of advance AI models on so-called edge devices: we do not send the video streams to the cloud for processing, but rather we optimize the AI models that detect and monitor your workforce such that the model can be run on location. This is fully GDPR compliant. We setup once, and you are good to go…

Scailable® enables Edge AI solutions that users love. We create end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud. Why? Because using AI outside of the cloud ensures privacy, reduces costs, increases speed, and reduces energy. Edge AI is simply the better use of AI for many applications. It is those applications that we build and ship together with our solution partners. We do the difficult stuff, such that you can benefit from advanced AI today.

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