Advanced product quality control.

by Scailable. Enabling AI on the edge.

Flexible manufacturing needs flexible quality control.

You want to deliver the highest quality product. However, large-scale automated product inspection is a challenge: Common machine vision systems are expensive, often rely on stable internet connections., and they can often only be used for a single product. Training new ML models is prohibitively expensive. We provide a fully modular solution that runs locally, using standard industrial camera’s, that is easily tailored for virtually any product or production line.

Our unique AI vision solution can classify and locate multiple types of products. The solution can easily be (re-)trained to maximize performance in your specific context. We ensure that your product quality is securely and effectively monitored.

  • Identify product anomalies, classify products, and locate/orient products.
  • Send data directly to your (local) application platform, or generate alarms (using e.g., REST).
  • Use Modbus over TCP/IP to directly interface with (e.g.,) a cobot to sort the products.

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Video from a demo setup developed together with HPS industrial. HPS is a distributor for Advantech and Jaka.

Flexible, modular, and secure product quality control. On-site.

Our unique solutions is fully modular. Powered by the Scailable AI manager installed on a local edge device, it is possible to change your models on-the-fly. Use our flexible solution for product quality monitoring in various circumstances and for changing production lines.

Using advanced AI models running on selected edge devices we enable our modular and secure edge AI product quality control solution. We can run on virtually any IPC / industrial gateway to enable local monitoring.

  • Suggested local processing hardware: Advantech 42/44xx series or MIC-710AIL.
  • Suggested cameras: The product quality inspection solution works with virtually any IP camera providing JPEG, MJPEG, RTSP, H624, and a variety of other output formats. You can even use our solution with your existing IP cameras. We ensure easy compatibility with the Dahua IPC-HDWxxx series and the Vivotek IB9380-H, CC9380-HV, FD9380H, IT9380-H, and FE9380-HV.
  • High accuracy (average precision) and easily retrained for your purposes.
  • Supporting multiple output formats (e.g. Modbus, REST, etc.)

Scailable® enables Edge AI solutions that users love. We create end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud. Why? Because using AI outside of the cloud ensures privacy, reduces costs, increases speed, and reduces energy. Edge AI is simply the better use of AI for many applications. It is those applications that we build and ship together with our solution partners. We do the difficult stuff, such that you can benefit from advanced AI today.

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