Advanced retail analytics.

by Scailable. Enabling AI on the edge.

Retail properly quantified…

Optimizing store layout is essential. Understanding your customers is vital. And, monitoring your inventory is key to managing your logistics and keeping your customers happy. You can do all of this, and more, using our advanced retail analytics solution. We provide plug and play, AI enabled, retail monitoring.

Like website analytics, but in real life.

Track the number of people walking by your shelves and track conversions. Identify hotspots, and improve your store layout. Use our solution to understand your customer behavior, and to monitor your shelves. A single AI solution enables secure, scalable, and reliable use of advanced VISION model for all your retail optimization needs.

  • Count the number of people passing by your shelves and measure conversion.
  • Identify and optimize attractive displays.
  • Identify hot-spots within you store.
  • Use cheap, off the shelf camera’s to monitor your shelves and count products.

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Understand your customers and continuously improve your performance.

Our retail analytics solution is fully GDPR compliant; all data processing happens on-site (thus without hidden cloud costs), and no privacy-sensitive data is submitted to the cloud..

Want to know the emotional state of your visitors, or the average age? We can do that without changing your setup.

Using advanced AI models running on selected edge devices we enable our retail analytics solution. For example, you can use a single gateway to analyze the data streams from up to 4 IP cameras, fully locally.

  • Suggested local processing hardware: Advantech ICR32xx, 42/44xx series.
  • Suggested cameras: The retail analytics solution works with virtually any IP camera providing JPEG, MJPEG, RTSP, H624, and a variety of other output formats. We ensure easy compatibility with the Dahua IPC-HDWxxx series and the Vivotek IB9380-H, CC9380-HV, FD9380H, IT9380-H, and FE9380-HV.
  • Local logging and dashboarding, or remote.
  • Accuracy > 85% (average precision) for people localization.

Scailable® enables Edge AI solutions that users love. We create end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud. Why? Because using AI outside of the cloud ensures privacy, reduces costs, increases speed, and reduces energy. Edge AI is simply the better use of AI for many applications. It is those applications that we build and ship together with our solution partners. We do the difficult stuff, such that you can benefit from advanced AI today.

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