We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
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Product quality inspection

We have seen it all…

We have seen many cases of product quality inspection before. Directly benefit from our experience to ensure that your solution runs as efficiently as it can be. Benefit from our partners to get solutions delivered and installed at a large scale.

Large object inspection

Industrial processes need careful inspection. Being able to use AI to visually inspect every step of your process (such as the debarking of a tree for paper making, or the positioning of a weld when creating slides) allows you to optimize the process effortlessly.

Bend and hole inspection

We provide extremely accurate inspection of product dimensions, even according to variable production scheme’s. The Scailable platform allows for easy management of the model specifications, where the AI manager, installed on selected edge devices, saves your team valuable time.

Accurate counts, classified per SKU

Put up one to eight camera’s, attached to a single supported edge AI device, to flexibly count the number of products (and classify their SKUs!) at various places in the production cycle. Edge AI creates the sensor that you always wished you had (and can be mounted retrospectively).

Flexible, modular, and secure product quality control. On-site.

Our unique solutions is fully modular. Powered by the Scailable AI manager installed on a local edge device, it is possible to change your models on-the-fly. Use our flexible solution for product quality monitoring in various circumstances and for changing production lines.

Using advanced AI models running on selected edge devices we enable our modular and secure edge AI product quality control solution. We can run on virtually any IPC / industrial gateway to enable local monitoring.

  • Suggested local processing hardware: Advantech 42/44xx series or MIC-710AIL.
  • Suggested cameras: We can handle virtually any IP camera providing JPEG, MJPEG, RTSP, H624, and a variety of other output formats. You can even use our solution with your existing IP cameras.
  • High accuracy (average precision) and easily retrained for your purposes or for changing production lines.
  • Supporting multiple output formats for the generated meta-data (e.g. Modbus, REST, etc.).

Flexible manufacturing needs flexible quality control.

You want to deliver the highest quality product. However, large-scale automated product inspection is a challenge: Common machine vision systems are overly expensive and limited in their functionality. They can often only be used for a single product and take ages to configure and deploy. Training new ML/AI models is prohibitively expensive.

Using the Scailable AI manger, we can provide fully modular solutions that run locally, using standard industrial cameras, that are easily tailored for virtually any product or production line. By integration with virtually any ML/AI training tool you can think of, you can create new, highly performant, visual inspection applications within minutes.

Solutions created using the Scailable AI manager can easily be (re-)trained to maximize performance in your specific context. You can:

  • Identify product anomalies, classify products, and locate/orient products.
  • Send data directly to your (local) application platform, or generate alarms (using e.g., REST).
  • Use Modbus over TCP/IP to directly interface with (e.g.,) a cobot to sort the products.


Scailable® is the first platform to enable effortless deployment and management of Edge AI solutions for business innovation. Together with our partners, we create custom end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud, which reduces costs, increases speed, and saves energy.

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