When you partner with Scailable you get to work with these team members.


  • Maurits Kaptein

    Professor Data Science at Tilburg University & Co-founder Scailable. Social Scientist, Statistician, entrepreneur.

  • Robin van Emden

    Co-founder Scailable. A pinch of science, a dash of code. Keenly interested in machine learning, computer science, and e(mental)health.

  • Ayoub Assis

    Machinelearning engineer and researcher

  • Marcel Wouters

    Cloud architect and software engineer. Uses programming skills to make things better for humans.

  • Lodewijk Evers

    Helps you with your PoC and demo. Jack of all trades in web development related activities.

  • Dominique van Doorn

    Makes edge AI solution management easy to implement in your business. Sales Manager.

  • Hannah Park

    Ensuring the right solutions for your business reach you. Marketing and Brand Manager.

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