Scailable AI Toolkit

The Scailable AI Toolkit, developed together with Advantech, makes it easy to benefit from artificial intelligence in a breeze. Out of the box you can choose an application from our library or you can deploy your own custom application (AI/ML model) to the Advantech ICR3200 industrial gateway. Our library with applications is growing rapidly, but currently consists of applications that work with camera’s.

  • Face blurring – great for protecting the privacy of people
  • People count – so you know how many customers are visiting your shop or event booth.
  • Crowd count – to get a security warning when there are too many people gathering in one spot.
  • Emotion recognition – not very useful, but just funny to know how many people are smiling to the camera.
  • Age estimation – knowing your customer better will surely help customise your offerings.
  • Number plate recognition – security of your parking or know exactly the delivery times of your suppliers.
  • Recognising objects – are people wearing mouth masks and helmets? Is there a flaw in the quality or your products on your conveyer belt

Are you looking for other AI applications, such as audio or sensor data analyses for eg predictive maintenance. We can develop a custom model just for you…

The package

The Scailable AI Toolkit includes:

  • An amazingly sturdy, industrial, Advantech Router (ICR 3200) with sufficient processing for many vision tasks.
  • One IP camera (the IMOU LOOC). This camera suffices for many applications and gets you started right away.
  • The Scailable/Advantech AI Manager is a plugin in your router menu to enable AI models without any coding experience.
    • Access to the Scailable AI Library for 1 year, with a lot of ready to use AI models that gets you started right away.
    • Access to Scailable Deployment for 1 year to deploy your own custom vision models directly to the router
    • Easy configuration of your camera’s and desired output.
  • All the cables and power supplies necessary.
  • A sturdy suitcase. Yes.

The whole package is now available for €1199,-.

(After the first year you can keep access to the Scailable AI Manager for € 14,99 per month per router)

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Maurits KapteinScailable – Advantech AI Toolkit