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Secure, modular, and private artificial intelligence. Today.

We use our patented technology to create and manage plug and play Edge AI solutions. Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way. Today you can start using AI to solve your problems without first digging your data lake or purchasing special purpose hardware and software. Our solutions are secure, modular, and run fully locally.

We create and market ready-to-use solutions; please see our book of inspiration. We enable AI solutions on dedicated hardware using the Scailable AI manager; a small application that instantly transforms virtually any edge device into a plug-and play AI machine enabling GDPR compliant and highly efficient AI solutions.

Our AI solutions

  • GDPR compliant event booth analytics

  • Product quality control in smart agriculture

  • Flexible product quality control in industry

  • GDPR compliant retail analytics

  • Worker safety monitoring

For solution developers.

We enable our edge AI solutions using our patented edge AI deployment technology. We easily convert any AI/ML pipeline into an optimized and fully secure binary that is fully portable (we use WebAssembly, it’s cool). Simply install the Scailable AI manager on your targeted edge device, convert your AI/ML model, and manage your models across edge devices.

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