AI. Instantly. Anywhere.

Deploy your AI models anywhere

  • (I)IoT

    On (I)IoT devices

    Automatically shrink your models & deploy to any device with 64kb to spare.

  • Cloud

    In the cloud

    Benefit from lightening fast AI inferences in the cloud.

  • In the browser

    Run your models securely in the browser and eliminate latency.

  • At the Edge

    Distribute, monitor, and administrate your AI / ML models on the Edge.

Enabling the intelligent edge across industries

  • Agri & Food

    Recognize the behavioral patterns of livestock directly on site and improve animal welfare.

  • Industrial

    Detect anomalies in (vibration) sensor data in real time to reduce down time.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Recognize cracks and irregularities in hard to reach surface for timely maintenance.

  • Privacy

    Blur images to ensure privacy before sending data to the cloud on edge devices or in the webbrowser.

  • Logistics

    Recognize shelf items and quantities using cheap, off-the-shelf camera equipped MCUs.

Use the frameworks you already know and love

Fit your AI or ML models using the frameworks you already know and love. We’ll automatically transpile your fitted models to tiny, safe and efficient WebAssembly binaries that run almost anywhere.



Run inferences on any device

Meet the team

It is estimated that up to 80 percent of AI and ML models never make it into production. Scailable was founded in 2019 by Robin van Emden and Maurits Kaptein to help bridge this gap.
The current team consists of a diverse group of people with backgrounds in coding, business and academia. Our shared goal is to move responsible AI to production to help it deliver on its many promises.


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