Deploy AI effortlessly.

The Scailable platform and AI manager allow you to create and manage edge AI solutions effortlessly.


Improve business operations with out-of-cloud artificial intelligence. Today.

Using our patented AI Solution Management Platform, your business can effortlessly improve their operations. Together with our partners, we enable ready-to-use, Edge AI solutions for surveillance, inspection, retail and logistics. Simply put, we make any camera—new or existing—smart. And, we make it extremely easy to customize solutions tailored to your needs.


Get started with a solution that utilizes the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud, which:

  • Significantly reduces development and operational costs,
  • Increases solution speed by an order of magnitude,
  • Saves valuable energy and computational resources.
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For solution developers

The Scailable platform allows developers to create plug-and-play edge AI solutions at scale using our patented edge AI deployment technology. We easily convert any AI/ML pipeline into an optimized and fully secure binary that is fully portable. Simply install the Scailable AI manager on your targeted edge device (or purchase a device with the AI manager pre-installed from one of our partners), use the Scailable platform to convert your AI/ML model, and manage your AI/ML pipelines across edge devices.

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The Scailable AI Solution Management Platform

Why choose Scailable?

Our solutions are secure, modular, and run fully locally. Best of all, no development time is needed.

You can easily create your own AI solutions on dedicated hardware using the Scailable AI manager.

Our AI manager instantly transforms virtually any edge device into a plug-and play AI machine enabling GDPR compliant and highly efficient AI solutions.

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To ensure that our AI manager provides the fastest and safest modular AI pipeline on any supported device, we don’t take supporting devices lightly; we want to ensure full support of the whole platform, and we need to be convinced that the selected hardware tailors to edge AI use-cases. So, today we are happy to […]

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We are very excited to announce our integration with Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse provides an amazing platform for capturing and annotating training data and for training highly accurate AI models using advanced transfer learning tools. Edge Impulse makes model creation a breeze. By connecting your Edge Impulse account to your Scailable platform account we can […]

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