We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
For the announcement on the Network Optix website, move here.

Edge AI Middleware.

Supercharge your edge AI solutions with Scailable: remotely configurable, no-code, and highly efficient AI/ML pipelines for any edge AI solution. Scailable comes pre-installed on a wide range of highly performant edge devices.

“Scailable provides a unique platform to effortlessly deploy and manage advanced Edge AI solutions.”

  • Hardware independent model deployment.
  • Deploy your AI/ML pipeline in minutes, not months.
  • Managed deployment over 1000s of devices.
  • Acceleration (GPU-NPU-XPU) out-of-the-box.
  • Easy integration with popular applications platforms.
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For AI solution builders

Are you developing innovative edge AI/ML solutions? Are you tired of constantly redeveloping for your target hardware? Is the maintenance and updating of a fleet of devices slowing you down? If so, Scailable’s middleware and platform are exactly what you need. With Scailable, you can ensure highly performant and platform-independent deployment of your complete edge AI pipeline within minutes. It will significantly reduce your time to market and enhance your ability to iterate quickly. To get started, simply install the Scailable AI middleware on your selected edge device or purchase a device with the AI manager pre-installed.

Build scalable edge AI solutions

The Edge AI Pipeline

For device manufacturers

We make devices “AI-ready.” By becoming Scailable enabled, you’ll have access to an extensive ecosystem of AI/ML engineers and modeling platforms that can support solutions based on your hardware.

By installing our middleware on your device, you empower your customers to create edge AI solutions within minutes instead of months.

Join industry leaders like Advantech, SiemensAI-BloxAI-Blox, and many others in making your devices AI ready.

With our middleware, your device can be remotely transformed into an AI edge device without the need for any additional coding. This allows you to broaden your device offerings for a wide range of solution builders.

Read how to add edge AI support for your device in five simple steps here.

Make your device smarter with Scailable.

Our Ecosystem

Discover the power of collaborative innovation as we join forces with our ecosystem partners to create end-to-end edge AI solutions. Our approach goes beyond the limitations of cloud-based AI, unlocking cost savings, unparalleled speed, and energy conservation.

Discover our ecosystem

Why choose Scailable?

The Scailable platform allows you to effortlessly manage edge AI applications. You can easily access our AI library models or you can maintain your own collection of models. You can deploy your models to any edge device, without having to re-build your model or pipeline for your target hardware, within minutes.

With the Scailable platform, you can (mass) deploy AI/ML models to target edge devices without the need for any on-device engineering. Effectively you can “swap” models that run on an edge device with the Scailable middleware installed and remotely change the full pipeline configuration. All of this you can do securely, and at scale: you can flexibly group devices and deploy models to groups of devices.

Finally, through our advanced platform APIs, you can integrate the Scailable platform directly into your CI/CD pipelines or create your own AI model management interface on top of the Scailable platform.

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