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Safety & Security Smart Vision

Solving surveillance problems using edge AI.

Within the security market the Scailable AI manager, installed on selected edge devices and connected to a set of simple IP cameras allows you to, out-of-the-box, solve the most important problems in the industry:

False alarms generated by security cameras.

Many end-customers experience high false alarm rates of security cameras. Poor algorithms generate alarms upon movement, wind, rain, or animals entering the site. False alarms lead to increased calls to the emergency center, high networking costs, and high power usage. We block false alarms directly on the gateway or IPC.

Preventing theft of valuable objects.

Driving plates, tools, materials, … why does my camera not alert me when my valuables are stolen? Well, because your camera does not recognize your valuables. Together with our partners we provide scalable solutions to detect and prevent the theft of a variety of valuable objects.

Telling visitors apart.

Who has entered my building, construction site or factory floor? And, are those entering wearing the right protective clothes and following the right paths? Together with our partners we provide end-to-end solutions to increase visitor and worker security by providing smart alerts whenever unwanted or unauthorized visitors enter or when proper PPE is lacking.

Registering arrivals and departures.

Who is entering my parking lot or premises? Using advanced AI models running on gateways we can provide effective monitoring, counting and license plate detection for a large number of vehicles types even in remote locations.

Smart cameras are not so smart after all…

So, you invested in highly expensive “smart” camera’s? However, the performance in severely lacking after installation? With Scailable you can save yourself the trouble: use simple (and cheap) camera’s, together with highly configurable software on the gateway, to ensure that your solutions works as it should.

Reduce your technical complexity and save costs.

Using the Scailable AI manager installed on selected edge devices, such as Advantech gateways, you can greatly reduce the costs and technical complexity of your (mobile) security application. For example, the AI manager installed on the Advantech ICR-4xxx allows you to power up to 4 power over ethernet camera’s while providing the necessary networking functionality. A single edge device, with up to 4 “ordinary” IP camera’s, can be used to effortlessly create and manage highly advanced, AI driven, security and surveillance solutions. You can buy the ICR-4xxx with the Scailable AI manager installed directly through our resellers.

Use advanced AI models for GDPR compliant security and safety monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in recent years: we are now able to used advanced AI models to monitor locations and environments for security and safety using “Edge AI”: the AI model that helps you maintain security runs locally, on an industrial gateway, without any internet connection or hidden costs. Using the AI manager installed on a gateway you can use “ordinary” cameras — even brown-field cameras — to create intelligent solutions.

Out-of-the-box you can monitor:

  • The number of workers on the construction site / factory floor / in the room. You will always know how many people are present and whether there are intruders.
  • The location of workers; we can automatically raise an alarm if workers are in dangerous zones.
  • The location of obstructions; we can automatically raise an alarm if (e.g.,) a crate is blocking the walking area.
  • The safety gear workers are wearing: we can notify immediately when a worker is not wearing the appropriate safety gear.

All of the above, and more, can be done using a set of standard (inexpensive and ordinary) IP camera’s, and a selected gateway with the Scailable AI manager installed for modular and fully secure Edge AI processing. We can help you install and integrate our solution with your existing monitoring systems.

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Scailable® is the first platform to enable effortless deployment and management of Edge AI solutions for business innovation. Together with our partners, we create custom end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud, which reduces costs, increases speed, and saves energy.

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