We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
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Smart vision for efficient operations

Know what is happening around you. Anytime.

Know exactly who arrives when

We provide highly accurate ANPR (automatic license plate recognition) off-the-shelf with the AI manager. Depending on the edge hardware you can run 1 to 12 IP camera’s and turn them into accurate ANPR machines that measure exactly who enters your logistics hub, parking lot, construction site, or event location at any point in time.

Understand occupancy and traffic flow

Using Scailable library models and highly efficient post-processing we can provide accurate counts of road usage and parking lot occupancy. The AI manager allows you to count vehicles, classified by type, in real time. Fully locally, fully secure.

Know what’s coming

Highly accurate OCR and symbol detection allow you to recognize freight containers (BIC, ISO), rail wagons (UIC) and dangerous good (ADR).

Monitor traffic and behavior

Using fixed or mobile installations (camera masts) to, out-of-cloud, monitor traffic, routes, and behavior. Provide alarms in dangerous situations, monitor railway crossings (even in remote places), and understand urban traffic flows.

Always know what is coming.

In logistics the most important thing is to know what is coming, and what has gone. Using the Scailable AI manager, installed on selected edge device, you can easily create your own edge AI solutions to improve your logistics. Or, alternatively, our partners can get you up and running on no time.

Want to know the license plates of arriving trucks? Want to count the number of vehicles entering the premises? Want to know the number of units on the shelf? We can do all that using edge AI.

Smart vision for efficient operations

Operating at a large scale requires effective logisitics management. However, large-scale automated logistics oversight is a challenge: Common machine vision systems are expensive, often rely on stable internet connections, and they can often only be used for a single product. Training new ML models is prohibitively expensive. We provide a fully modular solution that runs locally, using standard industrial cameras, that is easily tailored for virtually any operational process.

Our unique AI vision solution can classify and locate multiple types of objects. The solution can easily be (re-)trained to maximize performance in your specific context. We ensure that your operations are securely and effectively monitored.

Get started right away.

Scailable® is the first platform to enable effortless deployment and management of Edge AI solutions for business innovation. Together with our partners, we create custom end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud, which reduces costs, increases speed, and saves energy.

If you are looking for more information, please contact us using the form. Your information will be sent directly to our support team, who will help you get started!