We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
For the announcement on the Network Optix website, move here.

Allxon and Scailable Unite to further Revolutionize Edge AI Deployment

In a groundbreaking development that promises to reshape the landscape of edge AI deployment, Allxon and Scailable have joined forces to unveil the Scailable AI Manager, a cutting-edge edge AI deployment middleware now available as a plugin in the Allxon Plugin Station. This strategic collaboration brings together the expertise of Allxon in image-based over-the-air (OTA) updates for NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices and Scailable’s innovative edge AI middleware, offering a seamless and efficient solution for AI deployment at the edge.

To get started, visit the Allxon Plugin Station.

Allxon: Pioneers in NVIDIA Jetson OTA Updates

Allxon, renowned as an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner, has consistently delivered smart, secure, and user-friendly solutions for NVIDIA Jetson edge AI devices. Their BSP OTA Updates solution has empowered businesses to effortlessly keep their AI devices up to date with the latest JetPack versions, ensuring peak performance for AI applications. Allxon’s commitment to optimizing the AI ecosystem has positioned them as leaders in the field.

The Scailable AI Manager plugin is now readily available for installation via the Allxon Plugin Station, marking a significant milestone in the collaboration between Allxon and Scailable. This partnership expands the capabilities of both companies, offering an all-encompassing solution for AI deployment on edge devices. The latest release of the Scailable AI manager plugin includes mass installation and configuration for a fleet of 100s of edge devices with secure, API key based, mass authorization.

Scailable Middleware: Bridging the Gap for Edge AI Projects

In the realm of edge AI projects, the challenges are abundant. Data scientists craft intricate AI/ML models, but translating these models into functional applications on edge hardware can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. This bottleneck often results in extended time-to-market and the need for extensive hardware-specific development.

Scailable Middleware addresses these challenges head-on. It enables data-scientists to leverage their preferred AI training platforms to create models with ease. Moreover, it facilitates effortless, remote, secure, and bulk deployment of these models across a wide array of selected edge devices. This deployment happens instantly, eliminating the need for extensive setup or device-specific adaptations. With Scailable, configuring the entire pipeline is achieved remotely and without coding, streamlining the deployment process significantly.

The Scailable AI Manager, easily installed using the Allxon plugin station, extends these capabilities further, offering a unified solution for AI model creation and deployment on NVIDIA devices. The support by Allxon within the plugin station ensures a seamless experience for Scailable middleware users, reducing complexity and accelerating the deployment of AI applications on the edge.

To explore the powerful collaboration between Allxon and Scailable and to access the Scailable AI Manager plugin, visit the Allxon Plugin Station. Together, they are poised to reshape the future of edge AI deployment, offering a simplified, efficient, and innovative approach to unleash the full potential of AI on the edge.



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