We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
For the announcement on the Network Optix website, move here.

Embedded Vision Summit 2023

Visit the Network Optix booth at Embedded Vision Summit 2023

Discover all-in-one AI vision solutions in Surveillance, Inspection, Retail and Logistics.

Join us at the Network Optix booth #201 on the 22 – 24 of May 2023.

Together with Network Optix, we will provide an interactive demonstration showing how you can effortlessly train and deploy your own custom AI vision models!

All-in-One AI Vision Solutions

Whether you need visual inspection of manufactured goods on a production line, identification of color, fill rate, labels, and codes on crates in a logistics workflow, or ensuring workers in a factory have the required safety equipment, these situations demand continuous monitoring and swift action around the clock.

Product inspection, logistics monitoring, safety gear identification are just a few examples of the solutions supported by our AI-powered video platform. With Nx, developing a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) product has never been easier.

Manage all your AI models from one central location

The Scailable AI manager can, off the shelf, identify, count, or locate over 80 different objects, humans and animals. More importantly, you can train and deploy your own custom AI or Vision models!

Scailable supports the most common model training platforms such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and several online training platforms such as EdgeImpulse. Scailable supports the deployment of AI on a broad range of edge devices based on x64 or ARM and with Nvidia, oneAPI, NXP or other accelerators.


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