We are proud to announce that Scailable has been acquired by Network Optix.
For the announcement on the Network Optix website, move here.

Embedded World 2023

Visit the Advantech Europe booth at Embedded World 2023

Join us at the Advantech booth on the 14-16th of March 2023 in Hall 3, Booth 3-339.

Discover the full AI deployment cycle, from model-training, to deployment, to retraining, fully code-less, on a single highly performant device with applications in Surveillance, Inspection, Retail and Logistics.

Together with Advantech and Edge Impulse, we will provide an interactive demonstration showing AI solution development from start to end.

The Power of AI in One Camera

  1. Ruggedized and highly performant hardware. The Scailable AI manager has been optimized to run on the Advantech ICAM-500; a single camera with sufficient processing for advanced AI solutions.
  2. AI (segmentation) model training. Edge Impulse allows for extremely easy model training. Simple import your images (automatically from the Scailable AI manager), label the objects you want to recognize, and set the amazing FOMO model to work!
  3. Scalable AI deployment. Connect your Scailable platform account with your Edge Impulse account to import your trained models to Scailable and effortlessly deploy them to the Advantech ICAM (or any supported device running the Scailable AI manager).
  4. Iterating. The success of your solution depends on the ease by which you can iterate and improve. Set the Scailable AI manager to capture new training images and export these directly to Edge Impulse. Retrain your model, and re-deploy.
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The Scailable AI Manager on an Advantech ICAM-500

Test, iterate and deploy AI models with ease

The Scailable AI manager, pre-installed on the ICAM-500, effectively gives you a “no-code” smart industrial camera that is easily purposed to serve your solution needs.

  • Run AI models based on external trigger, “on-change”, or simply as quickly as your hardware and model permit.
  • Integrate easily using REST, MQTT, and a variety of other output connectors.
  • Use the Scailable library to create off-the-shelf solutions such as QR and Bar-code scanning, ANPR, OCR, and object localization (people, vehicles, etc.).
  • Import your own models easily. Scailable supports model imports from Edge Impulse and a variety of other training tools (PyTorch, TensorFlow, Halcon, MatLab, etc.).
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Create a full custom solution without programming

Purchase your ICAM with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed from Machine Vision Shop today to get started here.

Or request a quote and allow us to help create your solution from start to end.

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