Extending device support for Advantech UNO and SKY

With Scailable we are actively building the go-to model pipeline layer for any edge AI device out there. With the Scailable AI manager installed on a given edge device you can effortlessly deploy and manage models from virtually any training platform. We ensure the pipeline is as fast as it can be, remotely (OtA) configurable, and highly secure. You can simply focus on the functionality of your edge AI solution. Our AI manager abstracts away the hardware, ensures rapid sensor data access and a simple mechanism to capture new training examples and iterate through the full AI training loop.

As we are expanding the ecosystem rapidly, we are happy to announce another extension of our supported hardware. Next to our currently support edge hardware by Dell, Siemens and AI-blox we added support for the Advantech UNO and SKY series. While very different devices, they both carry edge AI solutions one step further: the UNO brings edge AI applications into robust industrial settings, while the SKY series is amazing for high throughput, high performance situations.

If you would like to try out the AI manager on any of these devices to create your own edge AI solution please do reach out to our team via chat, or book a short demo.

If you want your hardware to join the ranks of Scailable supported hardware — making your hardware immediately accessible as a high performance, remotely configurable, edge AI device — please contact us to become supported a partner.


The Advantech SKY server series.

The Advantech UNO series.


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