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As we have more and more users directly using our platform and the AI manager to create and manages edge AI solutions, it has become increasingly important to provide up-to-date, easy-to-read, and complete documentation. There is so much you can do using the Scailable platform, and immense engineering effort that is saved by using the AI manager on edge devices, that it sometimes takes a good read to fully grasp the benefits. By updating our docs, we now provide that good read.

The Scailable platform documentation

We are happy to share our updated docs which can be found at

Besides providing a clear overview of the Scailable platform and AI manager (see image above), our docs now cover the following:

  • A gentle introduction. Is this the first time you are creating an Edge AI application? We will get you up and running in under 15 minutes!
  • Preliminaries. We find that many data scientist struggle when creating their first edge AI application. Camera’s, networking, edge hardware; all provide their own challenges. We provide details and valuable suggestions for specific use cases.
  • The AI Manager. We explain the AI manager as installed on supported edge devices from simple setup to advanced configuration. The options seem limitless.
  • The Scailable platform. We detail our use of the platform to create and manage edge AI solutions at scale.
  • Tools for data scientist. An essential part of any edge AI solution is the AI model itself. Although we provide a large library of models that are useful for specific solutions, we also provide data scientist with all the tools they need to deploy their own models effortlessly to edge devices.

We are very happy to share these updated docs with all of you. Feel free to give Scailable a try by creating your first edge AI solution using the Scailable AI manager.

If you would rather like us to show you how, book a demo. Or, if, despite our awesome documentation, you still have questions or suggestions for improvement, please reach out to our team using our live chat.


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