The AI manager.

by Scailable. Enabling AI on the edge.

Did you purchase an Advantech ICR3231W with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed? Please follow our getting started tutorial to setup and configure your AI manager.

Exploit the benefits of AI on the Edge.

Fully plug & play with the Scailable Advantech VISION kit.

Most of our clients continue to be amazed by the capabilities of AI. It’s not magic, it’s just useful tasks automated by a computer such that you can save money, improve your service, and improve security.

With the Scailable AI manager installed on Advantech gateways we offer a plug-and-play solution to reap the benefits of AI directly on the edge. This means that you can run advanced AI models locally and you don’t need a hefty internet connection. Furthermore, this means that your data is not send to a cloud (someone else’s computer remember); it stays safely in your hands. With the Scailable AI manager you can start reaping the benefits of years of AI research today.

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Applications of Edge AI using the Scailable AI Manager VISION kit

The Scailable AI manager is an application that allows your to run complex AI models directly on Edge devices. Please see our book of inspiration for a collation of Edge AI solutions that are available when using the AI manager.

The AI manager can be installed on multiple edge devices and, depending on the driver, allows for plug-and-play AI using camera’s, microphones, or vibration sensors. Using the AI manager you get access to our library of tested AI models such that you can start reaping the benefits of AI directly.

  • Do you want to recognize the license plates of the trucks unloading at your loading docks? Check. Our library comes with an effective ANPR (automatic license plate recognition) model.
  • Do you want to count the number of visitors in your store? Check. Our library comes with an amazingly performant people count model using simple IP camera’s.
  • Do you want to know whether a pallet is obstructing the walking path on your factory floor? Check. Our library comes with an accurate pallet detection and localization model.
  • Do you want to detect the emotion of your customers? Check. Our library offers off-the-shelf face localization and emotion recognition.
  • Do you want to…

…well, the possibilities are endless. We are adding new (vision) models to our library almost weekly. And, if you are looking for a specific AI model, tailored for your needs, we can make sure it runs securely and locally on your AI Manager.

Scailable® enables Edge AI solutions that users love. We create end-to-end solutions that utilize the power of modern AI out-of-the cloud. Why? Because using AI outside of the cloud ensures privacy, reduces costs, increases speed, and reduces energy. Edge AI is simply the better use of AI for many applications. It is those applications that we build and ship together with our solution partners. We do the difficult stuff, such that you can benefit from advanced AI today.

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